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Desk Snacks the Healthy Way

By Shelby Thornton

Eating at your desk throughout your work day can be good or it can take a right turn for the bad.

Isn’t it so easy to just grab a bag of chips and pig out while working then you reach in the bag for more and realize you finished the whole bag of Doritos?

Snacks at your desk are fine, but we can assure you that there are other healthy alternatives than Doritos or Lays. This will be beneficial to your health and will give you natural energy throughout the day, it’s a double win!

Here is a list of the quick snacks you can easily grab in the morning and eat while working throughout the day without packing on the calories!


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Almonds are a GREAT source of protein and they're a healthy fat!

Fresh Fruit

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This is a quick and easy way to get essential nutrients!


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These tend to be lower in calories than chips, if you are itching for a crunchy and salty snack!

Veggies and Hummus

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Hummus is a wonderful source of fiber!

Apples & Peanut Butter

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This will give your body plenty of energy to push through the day!