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The Brilliance of NBC's The Voice

By Korryn McMinn

Who else gets sick and tired of constantly scrolling through social media looking at people's seemingly perfect lives?

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We get it - social media is a place for people to display their best selves. In today’s day and age – everyone sees everything. With social media, you’re able to tell what your friends had for breakfast/lunch/dinner, what they wore, and on some extreme levels you have people who air out all of their dirty laundry for the world Facebook status after Facebook status, letting all of their problems out into the open for the world, or at least their friend list, to see and read.

We see friends on their good days in their posts – and somedays we see that they’re having you know one of those days, weeks, maybe even months. We see everything thanks to the little apps on our phones – our phones that we typically always have in our hands, right in front of us on our desks, and laying right next to our pillows at night.

I think this is why The Voice is so compelling to the world – because there’s four judges going at it blind – only judging someone based on the voice they hear behind them.

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It’s exhausting looking at social media and reading on people’s lives every day. And whether we admit it or not, we’re always judging people based on what they’re doing, eating, complaining about, etc. The Voice is refreshing because – for once – you see people not able to make those judgements based on appearance or body language – it’s solely based on the talent their voices hold.

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Also, it helps that there’s the constant bickering between Adam and Blake that keeps us laughing – along with the other mega superstars that sit alongside them or come on as mentors during the season – but I think what is most appealing about this reality show of sorts is that for a couple of hours a week, during the auditions, we get a break from the constant scrutiny of maintaining a perfect persona to the world.

And while The Voice isn’t on every night to be your break from social media, there’s other things you can do to help get a break from the pressure social media holds.

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Take an hour before bed every couple of days to log out of your social media for the day and be present with friends/family and even just yourself. Sometimes, it’s nice to get a break from trying to impress everyone through our accounts.