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Event Season Recovery Tips

By Razonia

When it comes to event season, it's crucial to take care of yourself and make sure your pregame is on point. However, when all the events are been completed it’s equally important to focus on your recovery.

This Saturday, my fabulous team of ladies just completed the 10th event in a three-week time frame. Needless to say… we’re exhausted. We’re also beaming with joy looking back at all of our hard work. So, now it’s time to let our bodies recover while continuing our regular workload. Here are some tips for recovery:

Hydrate. Staying well hydrated and making sure your electrolytes are balanced is crucial for muscle recovery. Much like working out at the gym, our bodies rely heavily on muscle work during event season. With all the scooping, carrying heavy items, etc. we’re getting a great workout. You might also consider adding some aloe vera or collagen protein to your water. We love buying the beauty water from The Watering Well Eatery:

Feed your body well.

  • Eat some protein. Protein is key for rebuilding. According to Time Magazine’s 100 Most Healing Foods, three ounces of cooked tuna contain half the protein we need in one day. I’ll take mine seared, please!  Buy a copy here:
  • Eat additional fruit and vegetables. They call it the fruit of life for a reason. When you’re in recovery mode, it’s crucial to make sure you are packing your body with essential vitamins and one of the best ways to do it is by eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.
  • Don’t be afraid of carbs. Every marathoner knows it’s healthy to carb load.  Event season is similar to a marathon, especially when you have a jam-packed season similar to what my office just experienced.

Do some yoga. This is the time to honor your body, relax, and meditate on future work wins. Yoga allows you to recalibrate, refocus, and realign. If you don’t have time for a full session, do some office yoga:

Drink some green tea. Green tea helps with muscle recovery and provides a warm cup of bliss. Partner it with some honey for extra recovery benefits. Check out the variety of green tea Tea2Go:

Spend time laughing with loved ones, friends, and co-workers. During our recent events, we laughed (and cried) through the pain, but Saturday night at a client concert when everything was all said and done we were laughing together in harmony and it was a beautiful thing. Laughing is good for the soul. To get the laughter started, check out this article on easy one liner jokes: