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Positivity Pointers That You Can Start Right Now

By Sara

Words are at the core of the PR industry. Communicating with others and building working relationships is how we get things done. But what about how we talk to ourselves or those in our inner circles? Here are some ways a change in words can bring us some positivity.

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Sub saying “I’m sorry” for “Thank you”: Of course, we should apologize when we make a mistake or hurt someone’s feelings. But instead of keeping negativity around situations by constantly apologizing, we can be uplifting by saying thank you. For example, when running late: instead of apologizing profusely we can say, “Thank you for being patient.” Or if you’re talking about something you’re interested in: instead of saying “Sorry I talk so much,” you can say, “Thanks for listening.” Instead of focusing negativity toward yourself you can show positivity and appreciation to others.

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Self-talk: It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves especially in new or challenging situations. Some of us might do it so often it can be hard to start recognizing it, but remember to be kind yourself. When you think “Wow, I suck at this” tell yourself “Dang, once I get more practice I’m going to be good at this.” Or give yourself positive affirmation, like “I’m Beautiful, I’m strong and I am not above or below anyone. I got this.” Even if you don’t fully believe these things, as time progresses, you will start to see how true it really is.

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Stress: Having a million things to do and not enough time to do it is what we call stress. And everyone has a place where it originates from, whether it be work, school, or family. But a change in what we tell ourselves can have a huge impact. Try viewing stress as being productive, being stimulated, or active. Be excited. We are blessed to have a job that brings an income, or a family that loves us, or the opportunity for education and it’s important to try and keep that in perspective.

These are simple things but executing them can be difficult. Even if you only try these once I hope they bring some brightness and good energy your way.