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Summer Tips for the Busy Girl

By Sara 

Summertime is for fun in the sun, right? Well, not if you’re a college student with an internship, a part time job, taking sixteen hours of summer classes and trying to graduate by December. Between work meetings, that project that’s due, trying to make it to work on time and still trying to remember to call your mom and… are we even still trying to make it to the gym? How the heck are we gonna keep it all together? Well if your summer sounds similar I’ve got some tips that will hopefully keep us and our schedule on track with a little time left over for some summer fun.

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  • Get Organized!

I know it’s a cliche but it’s true. As soon as you're given an assignment or a shift at work write it down, even if it’s just in your phone. “But Sara I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember.” Maybe the first or even the second time you’ll remember, but girl I promise it will sneak up on you. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed so try and save yourself the headache and write it down. What I like to do is get a cute planner and some pens or a small dry erase board to try and get me excited about staying organized.

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  • Know what your day and week look like beforehand.

While putting on makeup in the morning say out loud everything that needs to be turned in, errands you need to run or what time your shift starts. This verbal affirmation will help you remember throughout the day and will sometimes trigger things you may have forgotten. Or Sunday night between Grey's and HTGAWM, glance through your calendar and see what important things you have coming up that week that way there are no surprises. Your future self may thank you.

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  • Make a “YOU” playlist

“How is a play list gonna help me get to work on time?” Well it may not get you to work on time, but it might give you that boost you need to make it through your shift. Make a play list of your bossiest, girl power, “I got this” songs and watch what it does to your mood. After class on my way to work, when all I wanted to do was go home, I would listen to a song called “I Don’t Get Tired” and I would show up in a completely different mentality. This is especially cool when you’re finally done with the semester or internship and remember that these are the songs that helped you get through it. Whether its Beyoncé or Imagine Dragons sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader and slay.

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  • Don’t Procrastinate

I hate to hear this because I know I do it all the time. But things are less stressful and are usually better quality when you just get it done. Even if it’s a little at a time, it’s better than trying to rush right before the deadline. And think of it this way, you can actually enjoy the time you spend relaxing instead of worrying about something that could have already been done.

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  • Don’t forget about you

Your health - both mentally and physically - is so important, and you don’t want to lose sight of that in the midst of everything. Drink your favorite tea, stop and pick up your favorite snack, or watch a new episode of your show. Whatever it is, do it for you. Get the rest you need, drink water, and eat meals that will fuel your body. Also, encourage yourself, even if you missed a deadline or assignment that week, tell yourself you're doing a good job. All of this is being done for something greater, like graduating or saving up for a new car. And it may feel like this insanely busy phase is never gonna end, but it will and you're going to be so proud of yourself.

While these methods aren’t scientific, they are things that have helped in the past and will hopefully help you to get through this summer too.